Marty Pound

Words are just words and nothing more.

I hear them talking behind my back
I hear the voices from the black
They say things I don’t understand
And yet I yearn for their loving hand

In the dark I sit here all alone
I dream of comforts, that of home
Then I awaken with a thought of dread
The only comfort, is when I’m dead

I cry and I hurt, I look for a reason to be
I beg and I plead, why won’t you love me
I pick myself up and claw to the top
I fight away the suffering and make it stop

I laugh and I joke to help me forget
Trying to stop the pain trying to set
Yet the pain stays with me every day
Back into the darkness I go to lay







Fucking hate Howard Stern. Go kill yourself you old talentless ugly perverted cunt.

Best use of the one “fuck” allowed in a PG-13 movie, EVER

A continuation of my last post

This is going to be a full blown rant.
So I would say I’m pretty honest. I lie when I’m drunk so no one should listen to me when that happens. But I will stand up and say I’m vain towards women. I just am, I cant help it. And I know I’m not attractive but I’m trying to get myself together. I’m also loyal as hell. If I’m in a relationship not even Jennifer Lawrence could make me cheat. And sure I can be distant but I’m so insecure because women treat me like shit! And people say I’m funny and thats what women like. Well thats a big pile of horse shit. If that were true I would be getting laid every damn day. Not that I ever believe it, all women are different just as all men are, and I respect a person for who they are. But because I’m goofy, weird and insecure even many of my ‘friends’ treat me like dirt and when I call them on it everyone gangs up on me and I’m the bad guy. Well I just got rejected by yet another girl who says things like ‘you are such a catch’. Oh you meant the kind of catch for someone else? You flirted with me because, what, you were preparing me for someone else? Am I some kind of asshole? Do I not see what others see? Is respecting people not cool, attractive or hot!? Would you rather I treat you like a slut? Because I cant. I’ve tried this once and it just felt wrong. So here now on my blog I declare I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. I really cannot. I wish everyone was right and that I was gay because all these women keep hurting me. My honesty and humour means nothing so you don’t have to worry anymore. This ginger freak won’t be bothering any women again.

Can being gay please be a choice? Please? I can’t put up with these rejections any more. Why don’t women like or respect me? Seriously please can it be a choice, I know some awesome men.

Said it 1000 times already. I’m going to miss Jack Gleeson :(
I wish I could have worked with him once, just once!